14 April 2013

The Italian Sea of Galilee

Matt spent the day last Saturday pulling a boat of disciples around, and loading/unloading 40 flats of fish so they could film the miracle of the fishes. By the end of the day he said he was exhausted, starving and stinking of fish. :)

The person who took the first picture sent it to a guy here in the states, and that guy replied with the photo of Bogey in The African Queen. Haha!

More pictures from that day:

Fixing fishing nets on the shores of the Mediterranean. Sure beats Goshen!

06 April 2013

Photos of Sicily

Matt is in Italy for 6 weeks, working on the island of Sicily. He's working for the church, filming more of the Bible vignettes you can see on lds.org. So far, Sicily has proved to be a much more interesting place to film than Goshen, Utah. And the food is really good.

Here is the view from Matt's hotel room. He's in a small city about an hour outside of Palermo, near the coast. He can hear goats and sheep in the morning.

There are several "Sea of Galilee" scenes being filmed while he's in Italy: the apostles fishing and Christ calling Peter, Christ walking on water, etc. They've had boats built to look the time period, and Italian fisherman are helping them all learn to sail the boats and use the nets so that it will look authentic on film.

They will also be filming some scenes of Paul in Rome, so the little Sicilian hill town of Eriche is standing in for Rome in the time of Christ. Matt says all the lanes are cobblestone and that it is ancient.

And this is the view from Eriche.

Lucky Matt got to be in Italy for Easter. It was a big deal. He said Palm Sunday was exactly that--palms for sale everywhere and the cathedrals and churches packed. There are huge, beautiful churches on almost every corner, even in the small towns. The the Friday before Easter they marked the day of the crucifixion and had Easter processions with crucified Christs and the whole works. I thought the pictures looked pretty medieval and Matt said, yes, straight out of "The Godfather." 

Trapani is a town about 20 minutes from where Matt is staying. That's where he saw the processions and they go there often. This is the view from the road to Trapani.

Matt said on Easter Sunday they got up early and went to Palermo. They attended LDS church in Italian (with an American elder doing some translating) and then went to part of a Catholic Easter mass. Then they went to do some sightseeing and visited the city of Cefalu. Look at that location.

Tomorrow they are going to Mt. Etna, an active volcano. I'll post more pictures when he sends them.

13 April 2011


Hey Family,

I just wanted everyone to know that I'm walking on April 21/22. I was too lazy to send out graduation announcements (and I'm technically not graduating til June).

If you're bored on April 22, you can come down to the Smith Fieldhouse at 11 and heckle me.

Anyways, I'll be going to Texas A&M next year to study petroleum engineering.

I just wanted to let you all know.


10 March 2011

Suki's Girls

Hi Harris Family!! So after years of trying to convince her to do it-my Mom FINALLY decided to start selling her darling creations. We made her a blog where she can display her stuff and we are trying to send more business her way. You've seen my Mom's stuff-it's too cute! So if you or someone you know loves all things girly and handmade then send them to my Mom's blog. Thanks everyone!

p.s. Kristina,
Would you mind adding my Mom's blog to the sidebar links? Thanks so much!

25 February 2011

At Last

Here are some photos that Joel took as he and Jenny traveled through Utah moving all of our stuff to sunny Las Vegas. Ive been meaning to get these to some of you for some time now. Follow the link and Enjoy!


04 November 2010

They Are Home!!!

Todd asked if I would post some of the pictures I took on Monday night when Grandma and Grandpa came home. My camera is currently in the shop so these were all taken with my Mom's camera and I didn't have a clue how to work it. So I apologize for the poor quality of some of these but I believe Todd has a video he will be uploading soon.
I think I speak for all of the Utah family when I say that, we are thrilled to have Grandma and Grandpa home! We look forward to enjoying as much time as possible with them before we have to send them back to the Portland Family. Aren't we so lucky to have Grandma & Grandpa in our lives?

20 October 2010

Baby Kai

Until I get my photos and the internet in the same place at the same time, the phone camera photos will have to suffice. What did we do before modern technology. So here you go. More photos and the exciting story of Joel Kai Mellor's birth to come (sometime when it doesn't have to be composed via phone).

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13 October 2010

Baby Kai is here!!!!

Announcing the birth of:

--Baby Kai--
Joel Kai Mellor

8 lbs 8 oz
21 1/2 inches

He was born this evening after over 24 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing!! (I'll let Sarah and Joel give you all the details when they are up to it!)

Proud and exhausted parents Joel and Sarah Mellor

More pictures and info to come as I get it!

Congratulations Joel and Sarah!! We are soooo happy for you!!! He is beautiful!

10 October 2010

BYU Graduation

Here are some belated pictures from my August Graduation.

Can you see me?

When I saw this last picture I commented to Bridget, "Wow I look short!" And she kindly reminded me that I was wearing heels. So don't worry Grandma and Grandpa--I haven't grown at all since you saw me last, in fact I may have shrunk.

03 October 2010

Richard & Karen's Wedding

Here are some pictures from the wedding last weekend. These are just some that Bryce took from his phone (which is why there are more of our kids :) --I'll let Karen post the ones from the photographer when she gets them :) If anyone else has any pictures please post them as well!
Although the rain was a stresser while decorating, the day turned out great!!! The wedding ceremony was beautiful and the rest of the day followed suit. Karen was a gorgeous bride and Richard was just glowing. We are so happy for them and so happy to have Karen join our family! Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped as well. What a great reason to get together with family and friends.

Waiting Outside the Temple

The Happy Couple

The Party
Only a few shots from here, but as you can see behind Jenna, we had the reception on the back lawn/patio of the church building.... I think it turned out beautifully!

As well as the hundreds of cupcakes and other desserts that were served.

And the decorating of the car!

The After Party
(this is a shot for all you Lincoln High Grads :)

Don't worry.... It's a ROOT beer keg stand that Daniel is doing :)